Net Lease Inspections

For net or triple net leasing, it is essential to assess and document existing conditions during any point in time of the lease term in order to establish the baseline condition of the property.

For Leasee/tenants/buyers

It is not unusual for landlord/tenant disputes to arise at the end of the lease over discrepancies regarding the property condition or maintenance during the term of the lease. Often, claims are made by the landlord that the tenant has not properly exercised sufficient or adequate preventative maintenance resulting in excess physical deterioration or system failure within the building. It is imperative to perform appropriate due diligence by surveying, inspecting, and documenting the physical conditions of major systems and components prior to, during, or at the end of any building lease agreement.

The net lease building inspection can be tailored to meet any requirement including any and all of the following major components of the building to properly document:

  • Site Work – topography, drainage, utilities, parking, roads, driveways, retention ponds, vegetation, retaining walls, flatwork, lighting
  • Roof – structure, roof covering, penetrations, flashing, drainage, parapets
  • Exterior – cladding, flashings, windows, doors, overhead doors, stairs, balconies
  • Structure – foundation, carry beams, columns, trusses, framing
  • Plumbing – water supply, drainage, hot water, bathrooms, materials, fixtures
  • Electrical – disconnects, service, switch panels, panels, breakers, fuses, conductors, outlets, conduit, switches
  • Heating & Air Conditioning – rooftop combination units, central plants, compressors, distribution, boilers, furnaces, ventilation
  • Interior – windows, insulation, stairs, moisture intrusion, walls, ceilings, doors, elevators
  • Life/ Safety– fire suppression systems, fire alarms, extinguishers, egress

For Building Owners/Managers

Deferred maintenance occurs when businesses and tenants do not perform necessary routine preventive maintenance and repairs to building systems and components. Premature deterioration of components can occur by the end of the lease term resulting in costly repairs and replacement. Hogan Associates specializes in pre lease and post lease building inspections and deferred maintenance inspections. The inspection and report assess and documents the condition of the building and components. We can also provide remaining useful life of building components and cost estimates to repair or replace building components.

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Indoor Air Quality Assessments

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